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Dear Aspiring Architects, 

Let me at the outset congratulate you and your family for choosing Architecture as your field of study and career option. Architecture is not merely a profession, but a career which would improve your skills not just academically, but also enhance your creative thinking abilities. It’s a field of study which will constantly motivate you to dream bigger, sustainably and deliver satisfying outcomes.It will enhance your skills to think, evaluate, visualize, and implement within constrains.

Its during this education that you can acquire all these skills and build a satisfying, successful and sustaining future career.

If all these things excite you and have a dream of seeing you as a master builder, who can make changes in the way the communities live, develops and evolves then Architecture is the field for you.

Sipna School of Planning and Architecture, is founded on the principles and values of holistic education, we have a vision where we would be providing creative learning environment, imparting world class architectural education and research, with a team of qualified, dedicated faculty the best in class learning environment and thus become your institute of choice.

At, Sipna SPA, we are committed to interdisciplinary teaching and research for the development of a Professional, who understands our cultural ethos becoming a responsible citizen contributing towards nation building.

We also adhere to global principals of educational professional excellence and uphold the holistic values of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakum”.

As an passionate educator, I believe and understand that you are entrusting your dreams and future with us, and I take pride, value your faith and put my assurance to work to the best of our ability to achieve your future aspirations and dreams

Well Come to SSPA!

Ar. Prof. Smita S Kasat

Principal. SSPA