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Action Plan

1. To achieve excellence in education, following the principles of ethical educational, professional and business practices.


2. A genuine effort to create an environment which would nurture the innovative and free spirit of creativity with disciplined restrain would be priority.


3. As the course progress, separate ancillary infrastructure needed to impart the best-in – class architectural education would be created, as per the norms prescribed.


4. Emphasis would be laid to engage with the society and to develop the skills required for the building and construction industry.


5. The lack of technical skilled manpower required in the field of construction industry may it be, a mason, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, fitters, wielders, to general site managers, which is holding the industry from providing quality-built environment would be developed with the expertise, resources and infrastructure available at the institute.


6. The institute would like to work on these skills areas integrating the architectural knowledge int an interdisciplinary model. This symbiosis would help the budding architects to get a hand-on experience of trade skills and not merely provide classroom, academic exposure.


7. A multi-disciplinary approach would be the norm and efforts to incorporate social obligations and well as business management skills among the budding professionals.


8. The institute would also work with the local community in preserving and maintaining the local regional historical heritage, thus would help providing the vital push required in creating and developing vibrant tourism industry imparting jobs to local people, which would shield them from the vagaries of nature and provide a supplementary source of income raising their living standards.


9. Ten years down the line, keeping with the vision and mission of the institute, we would like to create a conducive environment where new research could, would be encouraged in the field of architecture help create a sustainable living-built environment. 


10. As these efforts we believe would make this institute, an institute of repute, choice, and excellence, fulfilling its social and research commitments towards the society.


11. Further collaborations with the best minds and institutes across the globe providing architectural education would be encouraged to work towards the holistic concept of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”.